coaching is about you.

what do you really want? how do you want to feel? what positive changes would you like – for you? for your organization?


leadership is something which affects and impacts each of us all the days of our lives. like with cholesterol, there is good and there is bad leadership. it means how something is led and managed.

i help to support good leadership in organizations, with individuals, with coaches, with volunteers and with service staff.

organizational coachinghow well a company is run. in an organization, discussing topics such as the composition and running of the board, financial and audit practices, clear roles and responsibilities, transparent practices and management of stakeholders with integrity.

coaching supervision – in the coaching industry, i see governance as being very important. as part of that i am one of a growing number of qualified and accredited coaches who abide by a global code of ethics. having the big picture view is very important for me. that combined with knowing the importance of governance led me to become a coaching supervisor. in this role, i offer coaches a space to reflect on their development as a coach and the quality and sustainability of their practice.

individual coaching – the third category where i see good governance as crucial is in our own individual day-to-day lives. each decision, choice and action results in favorable governance or poor governance in our own lives. mindfully leading our lives and becoming aware that each decision, choice and action we make and take are the strands to create a fulfilling and peaceful tapestry.

volunteer coaching – respecting volunteer workers should be a very basic requirement of organizations who engage volunteers. volunteers thrive in healthy, respectful and meaningful organizations. volunteer governance is crucial both for the organization establishing and engaging volunteers and for the volunteers themselves – a space to explore their role and find meaning with a professional independently and confidentially.

service coaching – many of us serve clients in one way or another – restaurants, industries, retail. service governance works to provide a space to reflect upon our successes with clients and how we can evolve to enhance our collaboration with clients.

whether we are CEO’s, entrepreneurs, governance professionals, remote workers, coaches, millionaires, etc., there are moments in our lives when talking would do us good. there is no shame in that.

What is my commitment to you? I commit to providing you with:

a safe space to explore

a sense of being held and protected

space combined with an efficient and effective way to move forward

a feeling of being wrapped in cotton wool while being gently challenged to move forward in confidence

a feeling of protection and safety while being gently challenged to move forward with confidence

a feeling of a safe and secure back, protection, something to lean on, security

a safe co-leadership where we seamlessly and efficiently move things forward in a unified way

if you would like a safe space for you, drop me a confidential note at siobhan.cahalan@gmail.com

Siobhán, the founder of Wisdom and Vision Ltd., is an accredited personal, leadership and executive coach and qualified coaching supervisor with a particular interest in encouraging best practice governance, supporting CEO’s and senior leaders with executive governance. She defines Executive Governance as “supporting senior leaders to lead and manage in a way that strengthens best practice governance”. 

Siobhán has over 20 years’ experience in managing global processes and leading global teams in a number of different countries in varied business environments including Compliance, Risk Management and AML with a global financial institution. Siobhán offers people a ‘space to talk’. She is comfortable with silence and allows individuals a seamless and profound space to express. 

She set up an Executive Coaching business as a way of harnessing her experience, education and values, supporting senior leaders who care about effective corporate governance practices. She is qualified as a Coaching Supervisor supporting coaches who care about developing their coaching practice in line with industry best practice. 

She is an EMCC Accredited Coach at Senior Practitioner level, a qualified Coaching Supervisor and engaged as mentor with The Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA) supporting governance professionals. Her coaching practice follows the EMCC Global Code of Ethics which supports best practice of coaching professionals internationally. 

Her global management and leadership expertise spans from working with The Wall Street Journal to working on Wall Street. She has lived and worked abroad for two decades and has a wealth of experience in international management and leadership roles, including contributing to a global financial institution where she was promoted five times in that many years as she grew in the role of Compliance and Risk Management to Vice President working on Wall Street in NYC. As well as business and people management acumen, she has a focused results-driven technical mindset having worked as Production Manager sourcing and managing third party suppliers with The Wall Street Journal Europe. 

Her mission as Executive Coach is to help individuals and organizations become the best version of themselves. She calls this Best Practice Governance. The meaning of Best Practice Governance for an organisation is to manage the day-to-day operations, in line with the vision, strategy and planning, with integrity and in the best interests of all stakeholders. 

She is well-travelled, calm and practical, with a broad expertise and global mindset combined with a unique, seamless and holistic way of working.


MA in Applied Spirituality (ongoing)

EMCC Accredited Mentor and Coach at Senior Practitioner level 

Qualified Coaching Supervisor: Diploma in Coaching Supervision – International Centre for Coaching Supervision (ICCS), accredited by EMCC and ICF

Qualified Trainer: QQI Level 6 Training Delivery and Evaluation

Qualified and Accredited Coach: Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching – Kingstown College, accredited by EMCC and ICF

QQI Level 6 Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics

Corporate Governance, The Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA)

Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP), Shared Assessments Program                

Global Financial Compliance Certificate, Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI)

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM, PMBoK), Project Management Institute (PMI)                                

Master of Arts (MA) Publishing Production, University of the Arts London           

Business and Technical subjects including: Marketing Strategy, Research Planning, Financial Practice, Editorial Practice, Print Media, Electronic Media, Print Production Studies, Legal Issues, Financial Control, Project Management, Color Management, Enterprise Planning, Strategic Technology Management

Bachelor of Technology Production Management, University of Limerick                          

Business and Technical subjects including: Management Accounting, Economics, Manufacturing Technology, Productivity Methods, Quality Management, Employee Development, Automation, Engineering Drawing and Design, CAD, Industrial/Services Marketing, Mathematics. 

Multiple trainings in: Compliance, Anti‐Financial Crime, Risk Management, Data Privacy, Cyber Security, Financial Service Markets, Risk Culture, Risk Awareness, Fraud Awareness, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Enhanced Prudential Standards, Market Conduct Fundamentals, Handling Confidential Information, Introduction to US Banking Laws, Regulation W ‐ Affiliate Restrictions, and Leadership and People Management.