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internal coaching team

setting up an internal coaching team has several benefits:

  • supports you to reach your organizational goals
    • employee wellbeing
    • CSR
    • mental health
    • employee engagement
    • better results
    • better team work
    • greater employee retention
    • succession planning

it works like this:

identify employees with a willingness to coach colleagues

train the team of employees in coaching skills

inform stakeholders and set up process

identify a coach team leader

engage in group and individual supervision once a month

let me help you create an internal coaching team.

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coaching rhythm

imagine this.

the african drum begins its beat. slowly.

the sound is strong. deep. rhythmic.

the onlookers watch and listen with active intensity. the deeper the rhythm, the more the onlookers become active participants, gaining confidence and starting to dance to the beat.

the air is pure. vital. real.

the scene is simple. rich.

the drummers move in unison. they are scantily clad, hiding nothing, being real. vital. healthy.

each drummer knows its part. getting lost in the passion.

together they co-join, treading a unified path of depth and sincerity.

the active onlookers become more engaged. they move and dance to the rhythm. all are standing now engrossed in the rhythmic exploration.

the drummers lead the beat. the beat intensifies. all feel it now. heart-driven, core, fuel of passion and exploration.

the rawness amplified.

the arid vista becomes buoyant and lush.

imagine this scene in your organization. the flow, the creativity, the simplicity, the rhythm, the increasing passion. the seeking. the exploration. the realness. the depth.

the enhancement of genius. the intense drive. the increasing intensity of the path.

allow me to create it with you. a healthy explorative coaching rhythm within your organization.

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