Are you an INTJ?

If yes, I will keep to the point.

INTJs are brilliant. You are rare. You are 2% of the world’s population.

What if you could direct your brilliance to profound causes, as no other type can do?

What if you could get really clear on your vision. Once you do, it is certain you will drive it home.

If you would like to join a monthly meet-up of INTJ’s in three regions: EMEA, APAC, the Americas, please let me know.

Let us explore our successes. Let us talk about what holds us back too and find a way to unblock and move forward.

If you do not know your type and the characteristics of an INTJ, I outline some here:

Ability to see the big picture and build a plan

Intellectual, in a practical way

Focused and determined

Independent, results driven

Please email me for details of the monthly global sessions at: