bring your whole self


the people i have coaching conversations with are brave, courageous and very self-aware. they appreciate the space to acknowledge, reflect and be themselves. because they bring their whole selves and allow themselves to be fully present, they feel energized, lighter and clearer after our meet-ups.

“i feel much more comfortable transitioning into the role of CEO and as a result of having this space i have become much better at self-care, i take more time for myself, instead of rushing from one meeting to another, i now take gym breaks in between” this CEO of a financial institution brought topics such as transitioning to role of CEO and managing the c-suite and appreciated the space to reflect. he got better at giving developmental feedback during performance reviews acknowledging that previously he only shared the positive things, and instead of solving the problems for those he worked with, he now asks more open questions empowering them to find solutions themselves.

“i love this space. you bring out the reflective and spiritual side of me. we show different parts of ourselves to different people and with you, I can express my spiritual side, you allow people to bring their whole self.” this CEO of a non-profit organization brought topics such as the progress, growth and expansion plans of the organization and appreciates the space to reflect, acknowledge and celebrate all the progress she has made in the previous month and celebrate it.

“there is lots of development between meetings. it is paying off, i look forward to our sessions and they really help me to think things through” this governance professional brought topics such as over-thinking and taking her space within the organization and has learned to be ok not knowing, to reframe and to reduce her self-imposed limits, she is not stuck anymore and has realized that she can create her own future, that it is up to her.

“these coaching sessions have been very helpful, they helped to calm me. being asked questions instead of being told what to do really made a struggle in my mind when i had to think by myself but i am really grateful that happened and that i thought for myself because now i realize only i know the answers. these calls are very useful, you asking me questions help me to access information in my brain which was dead before the call. very helpful.” this leader in a financial institution brought topics such as enhancing communication skills and getting promoted and appreciated being gently encouraged to find the answers within herself.

“i found the session today very helpful. i have taken at least three things away from it .. self-care, my whole self and to start writing! there was so much more but for now that is what stands out!” “it was very helpful. it helped me to get a focus. there are so many things going on. it doesn’t move on if you don’t have focus. it was helpful to get focus on actions. to stay with it and come out of it with outcomes and actions. it is helpful talking to you, someone outside of the circle, objective. this CEO of a non-profit brought topics such as board management, succession planning, governance of the organization, the need to have clear roles and responsibilities in place.

“i value our sessions and want to schedule more. i feel much better at the end of our session with a to-do list, a vision, a whiteboard, and i feel a greater sense of certainty and purpose in these floating times with no markers along the way. i feel better and energized. i didn’t expect to feel this good afterwards! i went from not feeling useful to realizing that the actions i am taking are actually in line with my vision. i am really grateful for the session. my actions are in line with my vision but it took the coaching session to help me realize that. really helpful, i didnt know where i wanted to go, the session has really cleared the fog, you’re tremendous!” this founder brought topics such as building a business, getting clear on the vision and aligning actions with the vision.

“it was really excellent, so helpful, listening and asking the right questions, a natural coaching style. the problem is getting smaller and has narrowed, though it still holds pain. a significant step towards long-term vision” this founder brought topics such as strategy and creating clients and realized through the coaching that she was already very powerful at attracting clients.

“miraculously, i found clarity with this decision, things are clearer in my head, only seven weeks – is manageable with the other things to juggle. its interesting to hear myself talk about that place – a warm feeling. i didn’t want them to call before this session but now i want them to call me immediately as now i know what i am going to say. i’ve thought a lot about what you said the last time we spoke about how can you view this as an opportunity as opposed to feeling ashamed and talked with my husband a lot about it too. i am less in a turmoil than i was in week one, really good to talk to you, it cleared my mind. and about this session, the path ahead is clearer than last week. it was enlightening, very helpful, to talk it through. I realize that i know what want, now it is about shedding what i don’t want.” this founder brought topics such as deciphering what she really wants and finding a strategy and clear way forward for her business in line with her personal preferences and strengths.

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