volunteer governance

coaching and supervision – for volunteer and volunteer organizations

many people are willing to offer their time, energy and passion to support organizations. the ‘given’ agreement is that the individual will not receive monetary compensation. the individual must then be compensated via invisible rewards such as positive emotional, psychological, intellectual rewards. often, we read that volunteering is a healthy addition to ones life and that it adds to a persons longevity providing meaning and purpose. that may be true but only if the environment in which the person volunteers is healthy, supportive and respectful.

volunteers may offer to support registered charities, non-profit organizations, industry bodies, parish communities, and even interns who exchange their time for an opportunity to climb the ladder. whatever the reason a person becomes a volunteer, the receiving organization must respect their choice from the advertising of posts, to the recruiting process, onboarding and integration. actions must be based on values such as transparency, integrity and respect.

if you are a volunteer or a volunteer organization and see the need for a space to reflect on your choices, please contact me to set up dialogue siobhan.cahalan@gmail.com

Relevant Qualifications

Diploma in Coaching Supervision – International Centre for Coaching Supervision (ICCS)

QQI Level 6 Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics

Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching

EMCC Accredited Coach at Senior Practitioner Level