What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership. The coach brings a forward-looking, structured and positive coaching methodology and the client is empowered to reach their full potential and discover their own innate wisdom. 

The basic principle of coaching is to support a person or group of people to develop their own awareness and through this awareness, to take greater responsibility for their lives. 

The input to the coaching process comes from the clients’ willingness to access both their conscious and subconscious minds. The process of coaching delves into the clients’ conscious mind to glean access to the clients’ everyday thoughts and feelings about their situation and how they perceive it. Through accessing the clients’ subconscious psyche, greater insight is revealed, and the clients’ awareness is developed and enabled. 

The outcome of the coaching process results in a person, through a series of realizations, to take responsibility for their own feelings, thoughts, emotions and actions. Through this, their potential is released. This potential is supported by a newfound, sustained, innate wisdom, guiding them on the journey of independent change and providing the encouragement needed to know what they do is their decision and that the journey they are on is theirs with which to keep moving forward. 

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